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(It's important that you understand that I'm speaking only from my own experiences here. These things are just items I mention as background, personal interest or experiences. If your experiences are different than mine, that is great! If you believe differently, great! If you are farther along the path than I, great! This is just my story, and is not intended to guide or influence, disprove or deny, worship or blaspheme. However, should anything I write or believe offend you in any way, I wish you love and light - now please leave this site and don't return. If you cannot look on my story with an open mind(whether you agree is not relevant - only that you have an open mind) then I need not allow you in my world any further.

My Universal Life 
			Church Ordination

I was raised as most children born in the late 1940's and early '50's. My parents were not rich, nor were they poor. Just plain, old, middle class working folk. My Dad was born in 1914, and my Mom in 1917. They were born during World War I, lived through the Roaring '20's, the Great Depression in the '30's, World War II in the '40's, Korea in the '50's, and then I came along. They had lived when you didn't have much to your name, so when I came along, I wasn't ever without that I can remember. I know now that we didn't have that much but I was oblivious then. I thought we were rich, because my parents made me feel that way. They did their best to make sure their son did not have to suffer through what they did as children and young adults.

As you can imagine, I was a little spoiled as a child of older parents. Looking back from my age now, I can understand how tired they must have been after working their day jobs, but I had no respect for that in my younger years. They made me feel like I was the most important thing so I behaved that way. Add to a spoiled child the religious atmosphere during that period, and you come up with some interesting concepts. I seem to recall the understanding that you should always get what you wanted, when you wanted it(the spoiled child side), but if you did get what you wanted, you should be ashamed and always consider "what the neighbors would think"(the religious side.)

This concept or attitude continued on through my teenage years, and even in to my early 20's. I was convinced that I deserved to have whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted it and it didn't matter how I was going to pay for it - my folks would do that. I did start to grow out of that as I got married and had a family but it wasn't until my mid to late 50's that I began this journey or adventure we're partaking of at this time of my life.

So now we're here in the modern day. I've now entered into my sixth decade of life, and have begun a transformation of my inner spirit, being, soul, whatever you want to name it. I came to the realization some years back that there are a whole lot more years behind me than there are in front of me, and for those not in the later years of life, let me tell you - that realization strikes you like someone smacked you up side the head with a baseball bat! It's a very sobering realization that I had absolutely NO idea about until I began this pursuit.

Over 30 years ago, I met the woman who would bring me forward to this awakening of my inner spirit. Little did either of us know that a random visit to a book store would lead her to a David Icke book in the "New Age" section. While his books deal more with conspiricy than awakening or enlightenment, this book opened both of our eyes more than we knew at that point. As our education progressed, she found more and more that led her to people like Eckhart Thole, Wayne Dyer(R.I.P.), Doreen Virtue and countless others. She would share the interesting parts of these books, and that got me started to consider what I wanted to be.

It's kind of amusing, because she was the avid reader and was the teacher/lecturer but I was the one who absorbed and began to awaken. As she often says, "I tell you what to do and how, but I can't do it myself yet." Don't worry. I'll get you there. Without her help, I would not be boring you here with my story. I owe everything that I am and am becoming to her and I will forever be grateful for her sharing her life and love with me. I never really believed in the soul mate concept before, but I think I've found mine. It's to her that this whole web presence is dedicated.

So, that's the long and short of it. While on this journey, I found Universal Life Church(ULC), and became an Ordained Minister. I had been looking for something that gave meaning, and when this happened, the adventure began. Thanks for reading!